Be A Girlie
Got your Girlie on and ready to apply? Deadline for 2011 is August 19th!



Save yourself a little time and your fingers a little typin’. Check and see if your question is addressed here before you go shootin’ off that email.

Q: What are the requirements to participate in The Girlie Show?

A: Well first…ya gotta be a girl! And if you’ve got that going for ya … all entrants must submit an application (available at along with pictures or links to website with pictures of work. The Girlie Show is a juried show, so all applicants must be approved by The Girlie Show committee. All applicants will be notified by mail of acceptance or decline.

Q: What are qualifications based on?

A: Entries are judged on their uniqueness, creativity, quality and fit with The Girlie Show concept and its attendees. Entries that are determined to be in poor taste or of an offensive nature will not be accepted.

Q: Does The Girlie Show take a percentage of sales from the show?

A: No. All profits are yours. Your entry fee is your only financial obligation.

Q: How much room will I have?

A: You will have a designated area of approximately 8 ft.
x 8 ft. within which to set up your display. Booths are configured in quads, so each displaying artist has a corner space. You will also have a personalized sign with your name/business name. One table with black tablecloth and one chair is included with your entry fee. Set-up will begin at 11 a.m. the morning of the Friday show.

Q: Can I pick my space at the show?

A: Unfortunately, no. To make the show as successful as possible for all participants, we are careful to plan placement and layout well in advance of the show and cannot accept requests of this nature.

Q: Are two artists/designers allowed to share a booth?

A: Yes. Applications may be submitted for two-person booths and co-op booths for three or more people. Please note that EACH participant in a two-person or co-op booth must submit an application.